Custom Cues

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GW Collection

These beautiful cues bring together all the good things in pool. The teaching DVD and the trickshot DVD will help you improve your game and take you to another level. Enjoy my autographed cue ball and don't forget .... you need a case for your cue...... I'm sorry, I forgot, you get all these gifts FREE with your new cue!

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GW Decal Series

This beautiful "Sneaky Pete" with a rich exotic cocobola wood, le-pro tip, is by far the best sneaky on the market

One of Dave's old cues many years ago, great design, imitation leather wrap, le-pro tip, silver butt cap and metal joint

Nice design cue, with speckled Irish linen wrap, implex joint and upside down points, Le-pro tip, Great cue!

One of my favorites, Great design, imitation leather wrap, silver butt cap, metal joint, le-pro tip

Bubbly blue cue with upside down points, imitation leather wrap, silver butt cap, metal joint, le-pro tip

Upside points, natural maple, imitation leather wrap, silver butt cap, le-pro tip and just put it on automatic and go with the flow!

Beautiful black cue, with a divine green matched into the designs, le pro tip, imitation leather wrap, stell joint, silver butt cap

Traditional stlye cue made famous by Joss, imitation leather wrap, stainless steel joint, le-pro tip, white butt cap

Graphite cue, great design, leather tip, Irish linen wrap

Graphite cue, great design, leather tip, Irish linen wrap


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GW Inlayed Signature Series

Can you say Creme De La Creme. Dave's favorite cue, natural wood, cocobola wood, quick release joint, le-pro tip !!!!!!!!!!!

The eye catcher of the bunch, where ever you go people ooze over this cue, irish linen wrap, turquoise inlays, le-pro tip, silver butt cap, quick release joint

Real Leather, Cococbola wood, natural wood, quick release joint, rings from top to bottom, we all should have one of these

Stlylish, chic, bold.... the leader of the pack, great design, natural inlays with a rich exotic wood, le pro tip, silver butt cap

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Dave Pearson Jump Cue

The easy Jumper!!!!!! The latest and greatest jump cue with butterfly inlay, quick release joint and phenolic tip


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